Paul Maged

"Light Years Away has much to offer: attractive melodies, pulsing rhythms and compelling lyrics." - Huffington Post

The reviews are in! Paul Maged's album "Light Years Away"  is a critical hit!!!

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Paul Maged Light Years Away cover art

"For fans of Green Day, Queens of the Stone age and a healthy serving of straight up, loose and fun rock & roll, Light Years Away, the new album from singer-songwriter Paul Maged is a must listen. When you listen to Light Years Away, you cannot deny Maged’s superior knack for writing catchy, driving rock anthems." - Alternative Nation

"Light Years Away" is Diverse and Ahead of Its Time: It’s a diverse piece of work.  The range goes from punk to power pop anthems to country rock and it’s an amazing achievement. - East Cost Rocker.com

"Maged pulls well from his influences, but shines when he creates something huge and uniquely emotional. “Half Moon” is the highlight of the album and uses perfect timing to grow something from acoustically haunting to a full-on alt-rock track bound to stir up emotions. From comedy to mournful tribute, Light Years Away has a little bit of everything that, like most great contemporary art, pulls from a little bit of everywhere." - New Sick Music.com

"NYC Artist, Paul Maged, has delivered a collection of tracks that carry the potential to be jukebox classics. Strumming smoothly into the first track, “PC Police”, Paul Maged coincidentally emits a vocal prowess that is akin to Sting and The Police back in their ‘Ghost in the Machine’ days as he lyrically explores a cunning spin on the current societal disconnect between law enforcement and individuals leading their everyday lives." - Tattoo.com

"Maged certainly isn’t shy about sharing his read on the world and where we’ve been and we’re at right now. His steadfast dedication to his own thoughts and style have made him stronger with each new release." - Scallywag Magazine

"The album’s standout track is the opener, “PC Police.” Maged struck gold on this one. It’s the kind of melody that the film Inception based its basis on. It gets in your head. It grows. And grows. Until you can’t get rid of it. This is a song that deserves to be spun on alternative rock stations" - Alternative Nation.com

“PC Police” rides a punk-flavored piano rock melody. Potent guitars give the tune dynamism and the crunching drums really stand out. Best song on the album" - Huffington Post