Paul Maged's "Images" a Finalist in Best Alt/Rock song category with Greatest American Song Contest!

Paul Maged's song, "Images" from his critically acclaimed rock album, "Diamonds & Demons", was named a finalist in the 2014 Greatest American Song Contest (alt/rock category). Images holds a very special place in Paul's heart as it was the first song written for the album. Paul wrote the song in just a few hours while overlooking the Bass River in Dennis, Cape Cod. Images was even going to be the album title until just a few months before the album was completed.

Check out a rare live version of Images from Arlene's Grocery in NYC. 



Paul Maged Interviewed With Under The Gun!

Check out the interview that major online music publication 'Under The Gun' did with Paul. The interview is the most in depth Paul has given and covers a ton of ground from his early childhood songwriting beginnings to his writing process for Diamonds & Demons to the important and heavy themes the album discusses to writing more music.

UTG INTERVIEW: Paul Maged Discusses ‘Diamonds & Demons’ and the Woes of the World

Paul Maged's Diamonds & Demons Available!!!

Paul Maged's Rock Album, Diamonds & Demons, is now available at all online outlets including iTunes and Amazon! CD's can be purchased at CDBaby! 4 years in the making, Paul Maged's Diamonds & Demons is generating tons of positive buzz in the industry.  Download Diamonds & Demons at iTunes!!!

Read this terrific review from scallywag magazine.

Video Shoot For 1st Album Single, "Look At Me"

The first single of Paul's album, Diamonds & Demons is called, "Look At Me". Look At Me is a satirical look at elitism in today's modern day society. A music video for Look At Me was filmed on an NYC rooftop, among other locations, overlooking the breathtaking NYC skyline with Paul's band, The Strangers. The video is currently being edited and will be released as soon as it's completed.

Paul Maged Look At Me video


Diamonds & Demons - New Album Update!

Paul Maged has released the artwork for his upcoming 16 song rock album, Diamonds & Demons. The artwork and music are currently with Discmakers and the CD's will soon be in hand. An album release date will be announced in the near future. Even though most of the music world lives in the Digital Universe, Paul is excited to share the conceptual artwork on hard copy CD's. The album cover:

Cover Art for Paul Maged Diamonds & Demons

The Strangers Next Gig!

Paul Maged & The Strangers will be making their debut at the famous rock venue, Arlene's Grocery, on Saturday June 14th at 9pm! They will be previewing new songs from Paul's upcoming album, "Diamonds & Demons" as it gets very close to the album release. Please check home page and Paul's gig page for more info and advanced ticket information.

Paul Maged Live

Paul Maged & The Strangers!

Paul Maged's band, The Strangers, are a group of ultra-talented musicians consisting of Ari Friedman on Lead Guitar, Joan Chew on Bass Guitar/Vocals, Shawn Crowder on Drums & Paul Maged on lead Vocals/Songwriter. Don't miss the best band on the local NYC music scene. 

Paul Maged & The Strangers

Paul Maged New Song!- "The Stage"

"The Stage" is Paul Maged's first new song release in 5 five years. It is a stand alone single and will NOT be on Paul's forthcoming album. Originally conceived as an "album cut" off the new album, over time it became clear to Paul that the song did not fit in conceptually or musically with the rest of the songs.

Paul Maged The Stage Single Cover

 Being a very personal song, Paul decided to make it his first music release in nearly 5 years. Paul believes very strongly in what the song stands for and the story it conveys. With many autobiographical elements, "The Stage" is the story of an Artist who's sole passion in life is to express their creativity, not for monetary value or fame but to simply satisfy one's purpose, existence and soul.

You can preview and/or purchase  "The Stage" at iTunes. 


Currently, Paul is finishing writing and recording his 2nd album which is being Produced by Billboard Charting, Multi-Platinum Producer Sean Gill of The Passengerz. "Images" is quite a transformation from Paul's debut album, "In My Time".

The songwriting is more evolved from a musical and lyrical standpoint and Mr. Gill has helped Paul to create a signature sound. Paul's writing a concept album and every song has taken on a life of it's own. The lyrics are intimate, the melodies are refreshing yet catchy and the songs are edgy and epic. Paul has found his voice on this album, literally and figuratively and as Paul nears the end of the recording process, his goal of writing his "masterpiece" is almost complete.

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In My Time

2010 Interview with Paul about In My Time, his writing process & the music for his new album.

"In My Time",  Paul's stirring and intense debut album, introduced Paul to the music industry as a "force to be reckoned with". Released in 2007, Paul and the album received praise from several media outlets including The Village Voice who said, "Paul Maged's vocals are fiery and passionate with impeccable phrasing and style". Raw, with a garage band feel, In My Time was the first time Paul wrote original songs for himself to record and perform. It was written and recorded in less than a year and although the production value is less than stellar, the songs themselves shine through.

Standouts from the album are the title track, "In My Time", a heavy Electro-Rock opus in the vein of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, "Janie", the most downloaded song on the album, a heartfelt pop/rock ballad that expresses the sad story of the life of Paul's mother, and "The Wild", an angry and edgy song with a White Stripes guitar lick that placed in the top 50 in the 2008 Billboard Songwriting contest.

Another song that Paul wrote for the album but did not include on the final track list for it was called, "Falling Down". This song was used several times over the course of 4 years by MTV on their show, Sex Myths Think Again.

Paul Maged's, "In My Time" can be purchased at many online outlets including iTunes, Amazon and many more, as single song downloads or as the full album. Actual CD's with the original artwork and MP3 downloads can be purchased through CDbaby for $4.99.

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